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Jolly Ride
Written and Directed By Olarotimi Fakunle

Tea Party
Written by Minna Davies
Directed By Angie Emurwon

Written by Paul Ugbede
Directed by Tony Edet

Just Checking (Part of September to Remember Short Plays Series)
Written by Ronke Gbede.
Directed by Dolapo Bankole

Room 7
Wriiten by John Ekpeno Ukut
Directed by Olarotimi Fakunle

Written by Ibukun Fasunhan
Directed by Williams Obasi


Ethio-Somali fashion designer Gouled Ahmed is challenging the way the Western world thinks about Ethiopia. Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Gouled always finds himself returning to this place that built him. His remarkable fashion designs, reminiscent of those worn by modern-day icons such as Beyonce or Rihanna, draw on traditional Ethio-Somali adornments, religious iconography, and modern influences to create a look that is entirely his own.

A young Ugandan woman in Germany begins to dance to the music on her headphones as she waits for a train at a station, losing herself. An older black woman approaches, asks to hear the music. Together, they take a musical journey into their shared loneliness, memories and desires.

‘Salve you say, and you do not know the reason you say it. You receive Salve and you do not know why…’ A loosely translated excerpt from Salve Antoniana, the deconstructed Salve Regina by Beatriz Kimpa Vita of the Kingdom of Kongo. During her rebellious protest against Portuguese Capuchin Priests, she not only criticized their beliefs, but also reinvented them by mixing elements of Catholicism with her own culture. Like this popular Christian prayer.

When the bride falls during the wine dance, she may need more than ‘a sorry’ to prove the gods are not against her choice.

The demise of Oko, Akwetey’s older twin brother sets him on a roller coaster of emotions and recurring nightmares

Adaora fruitfulness comes with a full load of frustration and she needs her father to step into some ‘omugwo’ responsibilities.

A brief introspective into the state of mind of a woman. Her battles in life, her relationship with her daughter and walking the fine line of addiction.

Hair and constructions of identity are often deeply intertwined. Influenced by the intersections of African hair, femininity and personal identity, “Scalp Deep” captures the struggles of a young African woman as she navigates the reactions and expectations of others after she decides to commit to a new look.

Kifi (Chinkinan Titus) A 17 years old Boy who was infected with polio at an early age, making his left leg shorter than the other. With an incurable love for football he possesses to be an upcoming star. Seen as a threat, his teammate Kamji picks on him whenever they interface. His best friend Philip secretly took Kifi to travel to another local government for a football match kifi was unqualified for. After a long trip accompanied with failures, pains and regret kifi and Philip were tied to a tree in the village of koi that was under attack.

An amusing take on the arrival of the British and how we wish it would have gone. Wakamba Forever is a witty comedy written by Alex “Warle” Maina and co-directed by John “JJ” Jumbi and Alex “Warle” Maina. Set in 1895, the film explores the intrigues of history, culture and satirization of a few traditional occurrences through comedy and dramatic re-telling of the Akamba origin story and first colonial interaction