IMG_3153My Queen B,

I like to tell our story but there are many things I can never explain.

I can say how we met as teenagers, but I still don’t understand how even then, we both knew this was forever. And when I can’t describe how our journey, though miraculous, has rarely been smooth, I just smile and say we’ve loved each other for 23 years and counting.

You know me better than anyone. You’ve seen me – mask off, feet of clay – and incredibly, you have loved me more, far more than I deserve. You make me a better, funnier, man. You’re my right hand and my home. You’re perfect, B. Many times, I can’t quite find the words for these things and more – so I just say, you’re beautiful.

I like to tell our story. Hopefully, one day, I’ll find all the right words and the magic to tell it as it should be told. Till then, I love you, and always will.

Lawyer and Acclaimed Novelist Chimeka Garricks for his beloved Biyai Garricks