Tonye-Cole-3-400x600My Darling,

How do I begin to express what I truly feel in my heart for you? Do I tell a story, write a book or narrate a poem? Surely words will not do you justice so I will stick to a simple letter. I am told there is a day set aside for lovers, that one day in the year when one is expected to put all else aside and focus on the one person they love, shower them with roses, serenade them with love songs, spoil them over dinner and woo them with breathtaking gifts.

That day, I suppose, is meant to make up for all the times one fell short, to cover the days where an argument broke out, to soothe over the tears from a hurt heart and to remind each other that love still abides. I find it strange to understand for even now my heart is shocked it still has the capacity to expand its ability to love you anymore.

I had thought years ago, that with the way you completely stole my heart, and returned it filled to the brim with love for you, I’d never find any room to absorb any more of loving you. Alas how wrong I was. Alone at home tonight, you are thousands of miles away and I am missing you more deeply than I ever did before. The bed still carries the sweet fragrance of your essence, the home filled with your touch and style, the garden blossoms from the care of you and my entire being longs to have you in sweet embrace.

What I would give to have you in my arms right now, to feel your lips upon mine and your breath so warm against my cheek. How I crave to whisper sweet words of adoration into your ears, knowing how well they settle in your heart and how each syllable causes your heart to beat just that bit slightly faster and how your eyes shut ever so gently as our love overwhelms your every cell. Loving you has been a journey of discovery, a beautiful rose that opens to the rising sun and releases its total beauty when caressed with tender care. I can’t simply dedicate one day in a year to show you how much I love you. It would simply be a shame to waste the other 364 days without serenading you with a dozen ways of saying “I love you”.

My beloved, my sweet heart, my best and most gorgeous Lolita, my eternally glorious rib, I can never leave your presence without a kiss, can never walk

away without a hug, will never go to sleep without an embrace and will never set eyes on you without falling madly in love anew. Our love is deep, it is true, it is free, it is passionate, it is erotic, it is blissful, it is blessed, it is unashamed, it is unapologetic, it is trustworthy and it is holy. You were made for me and I for you. The perfect creation specifically and specially crafted with each other in mind. I know every bit of your body just as you know mine.

Your touch is electric and sends shivers all over me just as mine is enough to set your body on fire. Together we make each other complete and whenever we come together, it is a bonding that is crafted in heaven, a pleasure with no earthly definition and a renewal of a sacred covenant that causes our hearts to explode in pure ecstasy. Many will celebrate this day as the day for lovers, seeking their valentines, some would have secret admirers and other would be declaring their love for either the first or the tenth time, but as for you and I, it’s already the 45th day of intensely loving you this year and I am looking forward to the remaining 320 days where, God giving us life, I will have a new day, every day, to say “I Love You”. Hurry back into my open and outstretched arms my love so I can declare just how special you are to me and how blessed I am to have you as the wife of my youth.

Happy Valentine’s Day Your one and only, Tonye

Co-Founder and Group Executive Director of Sahara Group, Tonye Cole for his beloved Sylvia Cole.