funkehubbMy Darling Funke,

From the start I told you I’m the one that will marry you, you laughed at me but guess who’s having the last laugh. I pray laughter will never depart from our home. Never doubt my love for you because you’re the only constant thought throughout my day, the one who knows how to make me smile in bad times, the only person that can affect my mood and emotion with a little action.

You say you love me, and I always reply saying I love you more, I mean it and proven it by making you my wife. You’re now blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh, let’s love passionately, fight gently, forgive quickly, hug & kiss frequently, talk honestly and through the good and bad days remember forever and ever YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I AM HERE WITH YOU.

Celebrated Hip-Hop Artist, Director and Producer JJC Skillz Abdul Bello for his beloved Funke Akindele-Bello

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